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Welcome to Reserved Ground!

You may be wondering... what are life transitions?


Life transitions occur anytime we experience shifts in our relationships, routines or our sense of identity.

Life is full of transitions, some subtle, others not so subtle, and some we may not even be fully aware of.  When we experience a life transition, we may find that we begin to question our sense of meaning, our sense of purpose, or our sense of belonging and connection to our communities, to the world around us or to the divine.


Life transitions leave behind imprints on our hearts and bodies, what I call our hidden stories. Hidden stories are often filled with a complex set of emotions, including joy, grief, peace, fear, anger and hope. Which is perhaps why they can be so hard to name and often remain hidden. We may find it difficult to put words to what seem like contradictory feelings. Or we may feel shame or guilt around our experience because of internal and/or external pressures. Or perhaps, our hidden stories feel too sacred for words.


And yet, I have learned that if my hidden stories remain hidden and unnamed for too long, I begin to feel stuck or anxious, and the unexpressed emotions come out in ways that can be unhelpful at best.


When our hidden stories are given the opportunity to be named and honored they can become a source of tremendous peace, freedom and empowerment. But in order to name and honor our hidden stories, we need a safe place, a safe container to hold that which we hold most sacred.


The vision behind Reserved Ground is to offer that safe container, a reserved ground or sacred space, to help you navigate important or challenging life transitions and honor your hidden stories.

In my own life, I have felt stuck many times trying to name or honor the hidden stories that I carry from various challenging and important life transitions, including everything from heartbreak, to identity and existential crisis, to becoming a parent, to going through a divorce, to experiencing chronic debilitating health issues.


Reserved Ground was born out of a desire to provide for all of you what I wish I had during those transitions. I needed help from someone on the outside, someone who was removed enough from the emotion of my experience to create the structure and order that was needed for me to feel safe, while at the same time, connected and familiar enough with me, my values and my beliefs, to be able to help me honor my hidden stories in a way that felt personal and meaningful. Reserved Ground provides that necessary structure while also providing the much needed personal component.


Reserved Ground offers a variety of safe spaces to choose from to help you navigate life transitions and honor your hidden stories in a meaningful way, whether it be in the form of co-creating a ritual with you, processing your experience in a one on one session, or connecting you with community.

If you are interested to learn more, feel free to check out the services we offer on our services page.


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