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Rituals provide an opportunity for us to pause and acknowledge that something important, something worth paying attention to, has happened or is happening.


Rituals can help us to both celebrate the hope of a new beginning while also honoring the grief of an ending. Or perhaps to name the trepidation that can come with new beginnings, and acknowledge the relief that can sometimes accompany endings.

Reserved Ground offers a safe space to co-create alongside you, your family, or your community, a meaningful, personalized, non-traditional ritual or ceremony for important life transitions that honors your spiritual, religious and/or cultural beliefs and values.

Perhaps you want a ritual to mark an important moment in time, celebrate a person or relationship, or make meaningful memories. You may want to experience a ritual that will provide healing and a sense of empowerment in the midst of change or the unknown. Perhaps you're looking for a ritual to process the grief that comes with both tangible and/or intangible loss. Or you may want a ritual that encompasses a combination of some or all of these components. If you're unsure where to begin, Reserved Ground can also help you explore areas or experiences in your life where a ritual might be helpful.

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