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Reserved Ground offers a safe space to co-create with you, your family, or your community, a meaningful ritual or ceremony that honors your spiritual, religious and/or cultural beliefs and values.

Perhaps you want to create a ritual to:

  • mark an important moment in time

  • celebrate a person or relationship

  • provide healing or a sense of empowerment in the midst of change or the unknown

  • process your grief around tangible and/or intangible loss

  • do all of the above!


Why are rituals important?

Rituals help us pause and acknowledge that something important, something worth paying attention to, has happened or is happeningRituals can also act as containers that provide intentional space and time for us to honor, name or process intangible realities in a concrete or tangible way. 

Do you have to be religious to use rituals?

While rituals are often used within religious traditions, rituals are not inherently religious. They are simply a tool and anyone, no matter your religious or spiritual belief system, can benefit from them.

If you're thinking, "I think a ritual could be helpful but I don't even know what kind of ritual I would want or where to begin..."

Reserved Ground can help you explore areas or experiences in your life where a ritual might be helpful. Book a consultation to talk through your questions and discern what steps you want to take next.

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