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The Nautilus

Once again

I find myself

in this space

in between

where I was

and where I’m going

There is grief in this space

the end of a chapter

the loss of what was once home

the death of who I no longer am

There is pain in this space

the growing kind of pain

the kind that you feel in your bones

and your muscles

and in the fibers of your being

There is angst in this space

the fear of the unknown

the suspense of what awaits

the uneasiness of what could be

but is not yet

There is stillness in this space

the quiet that comes

in the silence of waiting

There is beauty in this space

in the dreaming

in the building

in the creating 

of something new

There is freedom in this space

to move and be

where once there was no room

for all of me

There is hope in this space


that I have been in this 

in between space 


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